iF public value award


Good projects and products change society.


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This is exactly what the iF PUBLIC VALUE AWARD is about: entries that contribute to finding solutions to the most pressing questions of our time, thus moving our societies forward.
The iF PUBLIC VALUE AWARD recognizes creative approaches in all parts of the world that break new ground and develop solutions that have a positive impact on both regional and global societies.

この言葉が iF のパブリックバリューアワードを言い表しています。現代社会の問題に対する解決策を見つけ、先の社会へ進んでいくことに貢献するプロジェクト:アワードの対象となるプロジェクトとは、平和な共生を促進し、環境を保全することを目指し、生活環境をより良くすることを積極的に推進するプロジェクトです。直接的な利便性を超えたところにある「付加価値」のことを指しています。

Categories 応募のカテゴリー
01. Help and Support
Values related to the role of the individual in society are not the same in all parts of the world. What some see as excessive individualism is a hard-won fundamental right for others. Which projects and products contribute to
strengthening the self-development of the individual and support human self-realization?
02. Life and Humanity
Changing values, technological progress and globalization are processes that deeply affect both family life and the network of social relationships. Which projects and products support new and sustainable models of everyday life?
03. Nature and Planet
Natural resources are scarce but there is no unlimited availability of knowledge and capital either. Rapid growth in both the world’s population and in global production have elevated the issue of resource use to become a central question of our time. How can we best avoid the threats posed by scarcity of resources?
Which are the most promising options?
04. Places and Cities
Living together in cities opens up many new opportunities, but also creates new challenges. How can we plan, control and develop such a social organism? Where are the clever answers?